Worship U


Worship U is a new, modern worship experience designed specifically with young adults, young families, and college students in mind. A blend of contemporary worship with traditional elements, which encourages openness, welcoming, and participation, Worship U meets each Monday at 5:30pm in the 3rd floor lounge beginning with a meal, followed by Worship at 6:30pm.

Our goal with Worship U to empower our campus community and beyond to know God’s love through Jesus Christ, to grow through the power of God’s love, and to show God’s love to all through acts of faith and service.

We invite all to come learn, laugh, and pray as we explore our relationships: with ourselves, with God, and with our community.

Pastor Robert likes to photobomb the college students helping us to plan Worship U.

Worship U meets at 5:30 pm on Mondays for a meal, and then at 6:30 pm for Worship. (Ignore the pastor… he doesn’t really “get” photo-bombing.)