March Leadership Board Proceedings

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, Mar.28, 2019


In attendance:  Dave Bayless, Joe Brown, John Dowler, Kathy Gilmore, Jenny Klein, Chris Knisely, David Koonce, Dave Liggitt, Tom Marx, Robert McDowell, Brenda Noftz, Logan Waldie


Also in attendance:  Vicki Butcher, recording secretary


David K. opened with prayer, and Thin Place Moments were shared.


The Jan.24 minutes were approved by consensus.



Ÿ Pledge giving income exceeded the 4-Sunday goal for February, but non-pledge giving missed the 4-Sunday goal.  Non-pledge giving in February does not support an increase in that budget line item; therefore, an increase in budgeted income is not recommended at this time.  Our financial position is healthy at the end of February; however, if nothing else changes, we will have a shortfall by the end of the year.  Spending needs to be conservative until the effect of the non-pledge giving trend and the long-term effect of the Special General Conference vote can be assessed.

Ÿ A shortfall is projected in funding for Capital Campaign expenditures.  Campaign co-chair Steve Sloan will address the congregation at Sunday’s worship services to celebrate the many positive changes achieved and to invite additional contributions to cover the funding shortage.  He will also prepare a letter to be sent with the quarterly giving reports this week.


Pastor’s Report:

Ÿ Three new Small Groups have been added, for a total of eight.

Ÿ Holy Week at First UMC will include an OU Chorale and Chancel Choir presentation of a Requiem on Tuesday, Apr.16, the Maundy Thursday service on Apr.18 at 7:00pm, and The Ecumenical Good Friday service at noon on Apr.19.

Ÿ A Spring New Member orientation and lunch will be offered on Sunday, Mar.31 for those interested in becoming members or finding out more about our church and meeting others.

Ÿ Confirmation Sunday is on May 12 during the 10:30 worship service.

Ÿ The Judicial Council of the UMC will be ruling in April on the additional restrictive amendments that resulted from the Special General Conference vote.  Pastor Robert voiced his strong disappointment with the outcome of the vote but stressed that he is open to discussion with those who disagree with him.  He will be attending Adam Hamilton’s annual Leadership Institute in Kansas City this Fall.  The Institute is being dedicated this year to the LGBTQ issue, and Pastor Robert will share his experience with us upon his return.  A member of the Leadership Board spoke to the need to make it abundantly clear that we are an inclusive church because it is difficult to gain the trust of those who have been shunned by most Christian organizations in the past.



Ÿ Preliminary pricing for the Growing Tree Preschool hallway security doors and for doors at the bottom of the balcony stairways has not been received yet.

Ÿ Chris Knisely is leading an effort to assess what needs to be kept and what can be removed from the boiler room.  Volunteers will be employed to help remove items for resale at the Rummage Sale on Apr.13 or disposal to Re-Use or the landfill.

Ÿ A worn-out bearing in the shaft for the blowers inside of the sanctuary air handler has been significantly damaged, making the system too noisy to run and potentially risking catastrophic damage to the system.  A new replacement bearing reduced the noise, but after a return trip by Twin Oaks Refrigeration it is suspected that the old motor of the handler is causing a slightly louder hum.

Ÿ The Parsonage lower-level furnace is 30 years old, experiences regular flame-outs, and is susceptible to heat exchanger cracks that can result in the release of CO.  The Parsonage has CO detectors and no events have occurred recently; however, the unit needs to be replaced.  The Trustees recommended replacing the furnace and the associated air conditioning unit and installing a humidifier.  Three quotes were received, and the best value was identified.

The Board gave consensus approval to proceed according to the Trustees’ recommendations.

Ÿ A new church insurance carrier that has the best coverage for the lowest price as well as the most responsive service has been chosen.

Ÿ The Korean congregation pastor has been having reactions to the air quality in the Chapel, so they have purchased an ozone generator to attempt to remediate the problem.  They have been asked to always post do-not-enter warning signs and lock both doors to the chapel while the machine is running.  A service will be sought to clean the HVAC ducts in the chapel and inspect the Chapel altar for possible signs of mold and mildew.

Ÿ Our current tritium-based exit signs need to be replaced.  Complete replacement with new tritium-based units and the radioactive materials disposal charge would be quite expensive.  The Trustees are investigating a direct-current central battery LED-based system that would require running new wires but would be significantly less costly.


Pastor/Parish Relations:

Ÿ Three candidates for the Growing Tree Preschool teacher position each participated in a day in the classroom, and the resulting top candidate was offered the position and has accepted.

Ÿ An additional staff Nursery Worker and more nursery volunteers are needed.


Leadership Board Members:

A new member is needed to fill the open Secretary position.


Tom closed the meeting with prayer.


The next meeting will be held during a cook-out at the Parsonage on Thursday, May 30 at 5:00 pm.  Spouses are invited.