January Leadership Board Proceedings

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings
Thursday, Jan.24, 2019

In attendance: Dave Bayless, Joe Brown, John Dowler, Jenny Klein, Chris Knisely, David Koonce, Dave Liggitt, Tom Marx, Robert McDowell, Brenda Noftz, Logan Waldie

Also in attendance: Vicki Butcher, recording secretary

The regular meeting was preceded by a Special Charge Conference, presided over by Rev. Karen Crawford, and attended by those listed above and Jenaye Hill, during which Jenaye received unanimous support to become a Certified Candidate for ordination as a Deacon in the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Pastor Robert and the continuing Board members welcomed new members John Dowler, Chris Knisely and Logan Waldie. Thin Place Moments were shared, and Joe opened the meeting with prayer.

The Dec.13 minutes were approved by consensus.

There was no December treasurer’s report due to the transition between Finance Managers. Jenny reported that pledges are $50,000 over the prior year, and overall the church’s finances are in good shape. The Finance Team is continuing their work to make the budget more readable.

Pastor’s Report:
• The Special General Conference to discuss and make a decision on “The Way Forward” recommendation is scheduled for the week of Feb.18 and will be attended by around 1,000 delegates from around the world. Pastor Robert has prepared an impactful sermon/story for Worship on Feb.17 and a special service on inclusiveness for Feb.24.
• The Lenten series Mar.10 – April 21 is titled, “My Fears Relieved.” The sermons will highlight the fears of temptation, doubt, fruitfulness, forgiveness, confidence, serving, and life after death. Sermon discussions will be held in Small Group settings.
• A group of 50 teens from Pastor Robert’s brother’s church in Stewartstown, PA will be in Athens Mar.20-24. The “Company of Praise” will join the OU choir for a unity concert at First UMC on Friday night and will participate in community service projects during their stay in Athens.
• First UMC has been asked to host the Foothills Leadership Training Day on Sunday, Feb.10. There will be about 200 attendees, and our church will extend the warm, welcoming hospitality for which we are now known.


• A quote for the Growing Tree Preschool hallway security door has not been received yet.
• The boiler room has become unmanageably cluttered. A work day will be scheduled to clean it out.
• The room adjacent to Pastor Robert’s office, which is currently being used as a reference/meeting room, will become the Director of Discipleship Ministries office. The reference materials and a few comfortable chairs will be placed on the 2nd floor landing near the elevator.

Pastor/Parish Relations:
• Staff Update: The Children’s Ministry Coordinator position was eliminated effective Jan.19. The new Director of Discipleship Ministries position became effective Jan.20, and Jenaye Hill is the Director. Hannah Skinner began her duties as Nursery Worker on Jan.20. Jan Miller-Fox became the Office Manager effective Jan.21.
• A team composed of Kathy Mangen, John Dowler, Angela Stryker and a few Growing Tree parents has been formed to conduct the search for a new Growing Tree teacher to fill the position temporarily staffed this year by Cathy Bigger and Martha Sloan.
• Dave Liggitt has agreed to serve with Dan Smith and Kim Mather as a third signatory on the church’s checks and safe deposit box.
• For the benefit of the new Board members, Pastor Robert summarized the three-year vision for Jenaye to become a Deacon/Associate Pastor/Director of Discipleship Ministries at First UMC.

David K. closed the meeting with prayer.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, Mar.28 at 6:30 pm.