Leadership Board Proceedings – December

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, Dec.13, 2018

In attendance:  Dave Bayless, Joe Brown, Vicki Butcher, Kathy Gilmore, Dave Liggitt, Jenny Klein, David Koonce, Tom Marx, Robert McDowell, Brenda Noftz, Brandon Saunders, Steve Sloan

Guests:   John Dowler, in-coming Leadership Board member

Dan Smith, Church Treasurer


Pastor Robert opened the meeting with prayer, and we shared Thin Place Moments that included celebrating the 3-year anniversary of the successful Capital Campaign vote.

The Sept.27 minutes were approved by consensus.


Ÿ General Budget:

At the end of November, we were at 91.7% for the year, with an annualized effective surplus of $34,343.  We are still in good overall financial condition for 2018.

Ÿ Capital Campaign:

–  A shortfall of $3,302 is projected, based on a preliminary financial statement.  Any shortage at the end of the Capital Campaign can be paid from the Major Projects and Programs account from the one-time dividend from excess earnings on investments.  This was approved earlier by the Leadership Board.

–  In January, Robert and Steve will be talking with Larry Armentrout, who guided First UMC through the first phase of the Capital Campaign, about closing Phase 1, and they will begin discussing Phase 2 possibilities at that time.

Ÿ 2019 Proposed Budget:

The budget for 2019 was approved by consensus as submitted.


Ÿ The annual inspection of the Parsonage was completed.  Updated smoke/carbon monoxide detectors were installed.

Ÿ A security door for the Growing Tree hallway has been drawn to code, and the cost for the door and installation is anticipated to be available by the end of December.

Ÿ The balcony has been identified as a security problem.  Possible ways of locking-down the entries to the balcony are being studied.

Ÿ Church shooter/security training identified two major needs:

–  A designated person should be posted in the narthex during worship services and events to observe persons entering through the main entrance.

–  Communication to all rooms in the building should be possible in emergencies.

Ÿ New carpet has been installed in the 2nd floor library and Music Staff rooms, and new blinds will be installed.

Pastor/Parish Relations:

Ÿ Hannah Skinner has been hired for the open nursery position.  She will begin her duties in January.

Ÿ A search team will be formed to recommend a new Growing Tree teacher for the position temporarily being filled by Cathy Bigger and Martha Sloan.  John Dowler, as the in-coming GT Liaison to the Leadership Board, will be involved with the search.

Ÿ Denise Davis, our Finance Manager, has resigned effective Jan.2.  The position will be posted immediately.

Ÿ Pastor Robert presented a 3-phase staff reconfiguration proposal as the next step to maximize our church’s growth and fruitfulness, especially as we focus on our 2019 goal to strengthen our children, youth, adult and family ministries. This includes:

–  adding a new full-time Director of Discipleship Ministries position to oversee community involvement and Christian education for all ages;

–  naming Jenaye Hill, who is in seminary to earn a Master of Arts in Practical Theology, and plans to be commissioned as a Provisional Deacon in the West Ohio Conference by June 2020, to the position of Director of Discipleship Ministries  by Feb.1, 2019 based on her current compensation;

–  terminating the current part-time Director of Children’s Ministry position;

–  hiring a new Office Manager at no more than 15 hrs/week to replace Jenaye;

–  increasing Jenaye to full-time compensation at the minimum standard, including benefits as set by the Conference, by June 2020 when she will become a Provisional Deacon, in order to meet her requirements toward ordination as a Deacon in 2022.

This proposed staff configuration will result in our church being served by two ordained clergy in the West Ohio Conference.

The proposed 3-phase staff reconfiguration was approved by consensus.

Leadership Board Members:

Ÿ Logan Waldie’s and Chris Knisely’s applications were approved by consensus, and they will join the Board in January.

Ÿ Brenda Noftz, who was scheduled to step down, has agreed to continue through 2021.

Ÿ Pastor Robert thanked out-going members Vicki Butcher, Brandon Saunders and Steve Sloan for their service.

Steve closed the meeting in prayer.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan.24 at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will begin with a special Charge Conference to vote on approving Jenaye Hill to continue her candidacy process to become an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church.  A representative from the Foothills District Committee on Ministry will be present.  The Pastor/Parish team and the representative will meet separately prior to the full Board meeting.