Leadership Board proceedings, September 2018

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings
Thursday, Sept.27, 2018

In attendance: Dave Bayless, Joe Brown, Vicki Butcher, Dave Liggitt, Jenny Klein, David Koonce, Tom Marx, Robert McDowell, Brenda Noftz, Brandon Saunders, Steve Sloan

Guest: John Dowler, applicant for membership on the Leadership Board

David Koonce opened the meeting with prayer, and we shared Thin Place Moments.

The May 24 minutes were approved by consensus.

• General Budget:
With four months to go, we are in good financial condition for the year. Pledge giving and non-pledge giving are on track to meet or slightly exceed the budget. Church utilities are over-budget due to the new air conditioning and the outside temperatures this summer; therefore, the anticipated budget overage for the year has been adjusted accordingly. Laity salaries are under-budget due to staff who are not paid during the summer, the maintenance staff shortage, and Pastor Rick’s reduced hours.
• Capital Campaign:
Some original pledges likely will not be fulfilled due to circumstances such as people moving or passing away. However, many pledges already have been paid-in-full, and some additional unpledged contributions have been received. The current projected shortfall hopefully will be made up by additional pledges by the end of the campaign in April 2019.

Pastor’s Report:
• Rick Seiter has received his Local Pastor License.
• Jenaye Hill has decided to pursue a Masters in Practical Theology with specialization in Parish and Community Ministry in the Deacon Ordination track. Her salary and work hours will be discussed at our next meeting with the goal of supporting her in this process.
• The Leadership Board will be representing our church for the Fall Annual Charge Conference meeting on Nov.4, 6:30pm at Carmel Sutton UMC in Racine, OH. David K. will present the Nominations Report, Steve will provide a Trustee/Legal Report, and Brenda will report on our Sr. Pastor compensation. Pastor Robert will share our Church Goals for the coming year:
– Continue offering generous hospitality
– Create/resume prayer walking groups
– Increase our focus on family ministries
– Form additional small groups
– Encourage the congregation to invite others to Worship and church events
– Continue our outreach to college students
• Leadership Board members were asked to be pace-setters for the stewardship campaign by completing and submitting estimate-of-giving cards for 2019 in advance.
• There will be one combined service at 9:30am on Nov.11 so the congregation can attend the Veterans’ Day activities uptown.

• Steve reported the need for tree trimming and removal of some dead trees at the Parsonage.
• An update on the insurance situation arising from our air conditioning problems will be provided at the next meeting.
• A comparison of security in the Growing Tree Preschool area with that in other church preschools supports our need for increased security.

Pastor/Parish Relations:
• The hiring of an additional paid nursery attendant was unsuccessful. Efforts to fill the position have resumed.
• Jason Baldwin has joined the staff as the new Maintenance Director.
• Pastor Robert left the room, and a discussion of 2019 staff salary recommendations began. Brenda distributed a spreadsheet compiled from the West Ohio Conference website that provides 2016 salary data for pastors in churches in the Foothills District with membership and attendance similar to First UMC’s. After discussion and Brenda’s budget-based recommendation, the Board gave consensus approval of 2019 salary increases for all staff.

Leadership Board Members:
Pastor Robert polled the Board prior to the meeting, and there was unanimous support of John Dowler’s application. John indicated that he was pleased with what he observed at our meeting. He will join the Board beginning with the January meeting.

New Business:
Jenny Klein shared her concern for those she knows who are experiencing marital conflict and are considering or experiencing divorce. She asked how First UMC might help congregants heal their marriages, or provide support and comfort to them during and after divorce.

We closed in prayer.

The next meeting is scheduled for Dec.6, 2018 at 6:30 pm to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday.