Music Sunday – Sunday, April 22

Small Group Discussion Questions
(Music Sunday)
Colossians 3:12-17
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Colossians 3:12-17 is a very appropriate scripture for Music Sunday because it encourages us to sing psalms and spiritual songs to God.
Share a time when a song helped you to experience God’s presence in a very real way.
When the Apostle Paul wrote the letter of Colossians he was in prison in Ephesus. No doubt, Paul would have relied on singing songs of faith to help him stay encouraged especially since he was in confinement. He wrote to the Colossians because as he says in chapter one of that same letter, the gospel is bearing “fruit” through them and he wants to encourage them to keep nurturing that growth.
Share how someone has encouraged you to keep growing in your faith. When has God used  you to encourage someone else?
Since music is an important way for us to grow in our faith, discuss the following “worship tips” below.
1. During the singing of hymns, think about how each verse builds on the other. The lyricist of the hymn is telling a story that is meant to encourage us in our faith.
2. If you feel uncomfortable singing out loud in church, think about mouthing the words. This is a great way to internalize what is being sung.
3. Sometimes the music presentation by a choir is so joy-filled and uplifting, it just makes sense to applaud after the anthem. This it totally appropriate. For other times, the anthem may be somber, meditative, and very thought provoking. At these times, sometimes our silence after the anthem is the most appropriate response.
4. Our church’s singers and musicians offer a lot of their time, practice, and energy on our behalf. Let’s encourage and thank them at every opportunity.
5. If you find yourself humming a melody or thinking of lyrics of a hymn from the previous Sunday’s worship service, allow that moment to become your personal prayer to God. Music is a great way to help us to continue to worship throughout the week.