January Leadership Board proceedings

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, January 25, 2018

In attendance:  Dave Bayless, Joe Brown, Kathy Gilmore, Jenny Klein, David Koonce, Tom Marx, Robert McDowell, Brenda Noftz, Brandon Saunders, Steve Sloan

Update on our custodian, Todd. His paralysis has improved, but only to an extent, and they are not sure why it has improved.  The Cleveland Clinic recommended a nearby physical therapy location. Todd and his wife Christy are in our prayers.

Pastor Robert opened with prayer at 6:34 pm.

We shared personal stories as a way to learn more about each other, and then we shared thin place moments.

The November 16, 2017 minutes were approved by consensus.

Leadership Board Core Values:

We discussed the books “Winning on Purpose” and “Simple Church” as a review of Leadership Board core values.

Leadership Board Core Values

Winning On Purpose and Simple Church

  1. Leadership Board
  2. Decide by consensus.
  3. Role is to empower vision/ministry strategy of the church.
  4. Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and world.
  5. Discipleship Strategy: For the congregation to be involved in having a Loving Faith, a Learning Faith, and a Living Faith.
  6. Support the Pastoral leadership.
  7. Encourage the congregation to become growing disciples of Jesus Christ.
  8. Simple Church Model
  9. A growing church needs a simple discipleship process to help move people toward Christian maturity. Remove any clutter that gets in the way of this process.
  10. Vibrant Worship – Small Groups – Serving Opportunities.


Ÿ General Budget:

It was reported that the format for the Treasurer’s Report will change to make it more readily understandable.  The end-of-the-year report shows that we generated more income than expenses for 2017.  Additionally, it is projected that pledged giving will increase by $27,000 with a resultant drop in non-pledged giving, as many people moved to pledged giving for a net increase in 2018.

Ÿ Capital Campaign:

The Capital Campaign is still experiencing a pledge shortfall ($18,797) with a $35,000 pledge outstanding, but all bills are paid, and we have a positive balance.  There is some risk of unexpected expenses, but that risk is decreasing.

Pastor’s Report:

Ÿ The 20th anniversary celebration for Monday Lunch is scheduled for Feb.4.  OU’s President Nellis will speak at the event.

Ÿ The Lenten season begins Feb.14 (Ash Wednesday).  The Lenten sermon series “Come, Touch the Robe of Jesus” will start on Feb.11.  Each week will focus on aspects of Jesus’ robe, and the choir will offer individual pieces from a cantata that will be presented in full on Easter Sunday.

Ÿ Our End-of-the-Year Reports need to be submitted during the next week.

Ÿ Sunday Worship attendance is still increasing.


Ÿ The parsonage driveway work is scheduled to be completed by Spring.

Ÿ The drainage issue at the parsonage that is impacting a neighboring house is also to be addressed then.

Ÿ The parsonage inspection indicates it is in good shape, with no sign of further slippage.

Ÿ The need for new countertops and minor gutter issues were identified along with some window wear that will need to be addressed.

Ÿ Development of a Disaster Strategy Proposal for the church is ongoing.  Steve Noftz has agreed to lend his expertise.  There is no deadline.

Pastor/Parish Relations:

Ÿ The Growing Tree Preschool Director position has been posted, and applications have been received.  Interviews are proposed for February.  The goal is to announce the new Director by March 1.

Ÿ District Superintendent Miller indicated he would be willing to advocate for a college outreach grant.  The church is working on a proposal for a $15,000 grant to further the partnership with music students to feed into the church and to help college outreach with First Saturday.  Jenaye Hill is crafting the grant language.

Leadership Board Members:

One vacancy on the Board remains to be filled for the Class of 2020.

We closed in prayer at 7:47 pm and prayed for Rick Seiter.

The next meeting will be on March 22, 2018 at 6:30 pm.