Go Forth – Day Six of Stephen Leader Training

Last night, following our final banquet, we had a worship service.  We were encouraged, prayed for and as a body sang “Here I Am, Lord.”  It’s a pretty spectacular feeling when you know everyone is feeling exactly the same way — humbled, excited, nervous, but willing.

In our training, we often had to pair up with people we didn’t know and role-play out scenarios that were given to us or someone else in the group formulated.  This wasn’t difficult to do — we all have messy, sorrowful stories to draw from.  Experience includes rawness.  The common denominator of any conversation, though, is that one had to feel safe in order to proceed.

How do you feel safe even when you are imparting on a journey of unknowns?  You want to know you are not alone.  You are understood, you are valued, you are taken care of with any needs you may have.

This includes when we take the risk of being vulnerable.  The total truth is that we are always vulnerable.  It is a falsity to think we can create our own sanctuary.

It’s worth the risk of sharing with another.  Thankfully, God offers us His haven always.