Beside you – Day Three of Stephen Leader Training

Last night, Rev. Kenneth Haugk Ph.D. spoke about what propelled him to create the Stephen Series.  The simple crux of it is that no one should have to suffer alone.

Haugk wrote a grant proposal to help fund his idea, but was denied.  He wrote another, and was denied.  But he knew without a doubt that this system was true, and it made sense.  He did not give up.  Finally, a grant was awarded and so it began.  Since the early 70’s, more than 12,000 congregations have registered to use the Stephen Series.

Meeting with another person who is suffering in some way is a journey.  Blessings benefit both parties involved, in unfathomable ways. True Connection.  It is rare when you find a person who is actually focused upon your words, and reserving the time just for you.

I am grateful that Rev. Kenneth C. Haugk Ph.D. had that vision, because of the ways that many, many sufferers have been reached, and many, many carers have been matched with those sufferers.  And those match-ups won’t cease, because suffering continues in this broken world.  Listening to him speak last night, I know 100% that this is a calling He has for me right now.  And the 307 other people in the room this week feel the same.  And the 70,000 others who have gone before us to become Stephen Leaders felt the same.

When you know, without a hint of doubt, that you are called to do something, nothing hinders you.  You take the risk because it is right, because it makes sense.  Everything falls into place, and minor detours along the way don’t dissuade that calling.

However, whatever that calling may be, it is gifted to you by Him.  You are never alone, for He has called you by name, and you are His.