Leadership Board Proceedings, March 2017

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, Mar.23, 2017


In attendance:  Dave Bayless, Vicki Butcher, Jenny Klein, Tom Marx, Kim Mather, Robert McDowell, Deb Murray, Mike Sweeney


Dave opened with prayer, and we shared Thin Place Moments.


Review and Approval of Minutes:

The Jan.26 minutes were approved by consensus.


Finance Update:

  • Alex Couladis has completed the Fund Balance Report and research for the annual Audit. We appreciate his generous donation of his time to serve our church in this way.
  • The Treasurer’s Report as of February 2017 shows that we are within plan.
  • Monday Lunch expenses included a one-time purchase of three cardiac defibrillators from donations made to the Stempel Memorial Fund.
  • A new insurance appraisal is needed now that renovations are completed.
  • All Capital Campaign funds received to-date have been spent, and as planned, renovation invoices are now being paid with money borrowed from our own accounts and from the sale of securities in the General Endowment Account. As future pledged capital contributions are received, they will be used to repay these loans to ourselves and re-invest as prudent.
  • A hold has been put on concerts hosted in our sanctuary until next academic year. This will allow for the development of a usage and protection plan.


Pastor’s Report:

  • The Mar.11 Hospitality Training Day was attended by 30+ congregants and generated very favorable reviews. The goal is to have greeters at all doors and other hospitality services in place by May 1.  The possibility of valet parking (suggested at the Training Day) is being researched.
  • First UMC was praised by District Superintendent Dennis Miller for our outstanding hospitality while hosting the Mar.18 Foothills Leadership Day.
  • Two new Small Groups have been added for the Lenten season.
  • A New Member Class will be offered on Apr.24. New member candidates will then be encouraged to attend the Fall CORE courses, which are being refocused to meet at First UMC with leadership by Pastor Robert.
  • Both Worship Services will be held on Easter Sunday.


Building Implementation Team:

Brandon reported that the renovations are over budget.  The major overrun is the result of unbudgeted costs associated with the elevator.


Trustees Report:

  • Drainage improvements have been made at the Parsonage and will be monitored to assess their effectiveness.
  • The Building Use Policy is being reviewed and updated to reflect the renovations and anticipated increases in utilities and insurance resulting from the renovations.
  • A Social Media Policy has been written to provide guidance to employees for professional use of social media on behalf of the church as well as personal use of social media when referencing First UMC.
  • Working with our insurance agent, Church Treasurer Dan Smith had four insurance quotes prepared with appropriately increased replacement value of the building, additional insurance added for items previously under-insured as part of “building contents,” and with four different deductibles. He recommended changing the deductible from $1,000 to $5,000 (saving $926/yr in premiums).  The Board gave consensus approval of this change in deductible.  Dan will continue to work on a new appraisal and cost-saving alternatives.


Pastor Parish Relations Report:

The Growing Tree Preschool is in the process of hiring a new teacher to replace Laura Calentine.


College Scholarship Funds Update:

The Roach Fund and the Brown Fund are potential sources of funding for college student scholarships.  The Roach Fund generates about $200/yr and is designated for WSC Scholarships.  The Brown Fund was funded annually but is dormant.  Jenny and Deb volunteered to contact the donors to ask if they are still interested in supporting our college ministry through renewed giving to the fund.


Leadership Board Membership:

Church members who are interested in serving on the Leadership Board are encouraged to speak with Pastor Robert or any Board member to receive information about serving or how to apply.


Deb closed the meeting in prayer.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 25 at 6:30 pm.