January Leadership Board Proceedings

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, Jan.26, 2017


In attendance:  Vicki Butcher, Tom Marx, Kim Mather, Robert McDowell, Deb Murray, Brenda Noftz, Brandon Saunders, Steve Sloan, Mike Sweeney


Called to Order:  6:35 pm


Pastor Robert opened with prayer, and we shared Thin Place Moments.


Review and Approval of Minutes:

The Nov.17 minutes were approved by consensus. Pastor Robert approved the Proceedings earlier.


Finance Update:

The Year-End Operating Budget Summary shows that the year ended with operating income equal to expenses.  Carryover to 2017 is anticipated to be approximately $5,000.  Pledges are down from prior levels and budget levels (perhaps from the earlier-than-usual stewardship campaign and less emphasis on pledging), potentially resulting in a shortage of operating funds for 2017.  However, contributions from non-pledge giving have increased.  Overall contribution income could fall short $10,000 from the budget plan, so it would be prudent to restrict expenses in the first portion of the year to essentials.


Pastor’s Report:

  • Pastor Robert presented a discipleship strategy update, replacing “Heart, Head, Hands” with “A Loving Faith, A Learning Faith, A Living Faith.” Loving includes worship, small groups, and prayer ministry; Learning includes CORE courses, Sunday School and Bible studies; and Living includes missions, outreach and Athens First Saturday.
  • End-of-year Reports, due Feb.10, are being completed. Care is being taken to exclude missions from the Apportionments.
  • Dedication Sunday, celebrating the building renovations and all who have made it possible, will be on Feb.12 during the only service that day (10:30), followed by a covered dish lunch. Past First UMC pastors, the architect, those involved in construction, civic leaders who have facilitated the work, Growing Tree Preschool families, and the congregation will be recognized.
  • A Church-wide hospitality training event will be held on Mar.11, led by the hospitality teacher at Hocking College. The following week, we will have an opportunity to use what we learned when we host a district-wide event at First UMC.
  • A representative from First UMC is still needed to serve on the United Campus Ministries Board.


Building Implementation Team:

It has been determined that the electronic screens planned for the atrium do not violate city code because they will be mounted on an internal wall.  At least initially, they will display information from our web site only and will not change frequently.  The Board gave consensus support for proceeding with installing the screens.


Trustees Report:

The annual Parsonage inspection has been conducted.  The driveway has a wide crack in it, the basement flooring needs to be replaced, and the outside trim is deteriorating.  Todd has indicated that he can replace the outside trim with hard plastic.


Leadership Board Membership/Classes:

Going forward, the list of Board members will only appear with the Proceedings in the weekly Connections.  The dates will be changed to “Class of … ,“ and the title “Nominations” will be removed after Kim’s name as it gives the false impression that she is solely responsible for nominating potential new members.


Mike closed the meeting in prayer.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, Mar.23 at 6:30 pm.