Throwback Thursday: Progress

img_7507Progress can be rapid quick, or it can be incredibly slow.  The waiting is always the hardest part.  🙂

On Tuesday morning of this week, a large truck was parked out in front of the church for a few good hours, unloading parts to complete the elevator that is being installed in the church. Traffic flow was redirected out front, and parts of the sidewalk were closed.  img_7509

It’ll be a few good weeks before all is in working order.  What’s exciting is that this marks a milestone in the construction progress.

We’ve never had an elevator in this building.  img_7556Stairs are fun, and healthier, but sometimes when you’re carrying multiple items from the lower level to third floor… elevators are a kindness.  🙂

Many, many thanks to all the gifts, support, patience, and kindnesses that have been offered through this transition to progress here at First United Methodist Church.