Throwback Thursday: Keys to the Kingdom

img_7443In a large building such as this, there are many keys to fit a rather large assortment of doors.  Often, when visitors come into this building, they compare it to a castle — there are many nooks and crannies in which one can get easily lost.   But unlike a castle, we strive to be very welcoming with our “kingdom.”

Undergoing construction, we have had to replace doors, or uncover others that have been replaced.  What remains behind after all is finished are the keys.  It is fun to imagine who has held these, or what cabinets or hooks held these keys until the moment they were needed.  img_7439img_7440


The best part is the mystery.  Also found today were these old forms that were supposed to have been filled out to label the keys.  The fact that they are utterly blank stops the hunt for tracing down which key goes to what door, but it doesn’t quell one’s curiosity.  Perhaps “kingdom” isn’t too far off when left to our own imagination with these beautiful relics from the past.  😉