November Leadership Board proceedings

leadership-boardFirst UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, Nov.17, 2016


In attendance: Dave Bayless, Cindy Boger, Vicki Butcher, Kathy Gilmore, Jenny Klein, Tom Marx, Kim Mather, Robert McDowell, Deb Murray, Brenda Noftz, Brandon Saunders, Steve Sloan


Called to Order:  6:35 pm


Pastor Robert opened with prayer, and we shared Thin Place Moments.


Review and Approval of Minutes:

The Oct.27 minutes were approved by consensus.


Finance Update:

  • Kathy reported Dan Smith’s response to questions about on-line giving. There is no percentage fee for payments unless they are charged to a credit card, and we can remove credit cards from the available payment options; however, Dan anticipates that most people who choose to charge their payments to a card will use a debit card rather than a credit card, so he does not recommend removing the credit card option unless it becomes a problem.  At present, the main concern is that there are an insufficient number of on-line givers to make the $20/month fee worthwhile.
  • The October Treasurer’s Report shows annual giving on track, and if we filter out the capital campaign dollars that flow through the operating budget, the total income at the 10-month mark exceeds the total operating expense by $15,400. Unless we have unusual expenses at the end of the year, we should certainly end the year with a surplus to apply to next year.
  • The proposed 2017 operating budget shows a projected deficit of $15,000, but with a conservative outlook on pledges and non-pledge giving, plus some designated income for 2017, we have a potential $12,000 deficit. Seventeen givers that pledged in the past did not return pledge cards for 2017 but are still giving.  Even with a $4,000 increase in apportionments, a modest staff increase and higher insurance, the proposed budget is very manageable.  The goal is to gradually move away from using endowment interest to support the general budget and use it for programming instead.  The proposed budget received consensus approval.


Pastor’s Report:

  • Pastor Robert presented a discipleship strategy update, replacing “Knowing, Growing, Showing” with “Heart, Head, Hands.” Heart includes worship, small groups, and prayer ministry; Head includes CORE courses, Sunday School and Bible studies; and Hands includes missions and Athens First Saturday.
  • Six new members have indicated that they will join First UMC on Nov.20.
  • A representative from First UMC is still needed to serve on the United Campus Ministries Board.


Building Implementation Team:

  • Leaks in the heating system have been repaired, and the heat is back on. An evaluation team will test the welds.
  • Sanctuary renovations will not be completed in time for Christmas Eve services. It is anticipated that services in the sanctuary will resume the last Sunday in January.
  • The cost of four items not included in the original budget will be absorbed by a $15,000 surplus.
  • The carpet chosen by the design team is no longer available. Other carpet options are being considered.
  • The new pew pad fabric will not be available until mid-December.


Trustees Report:

  • Estimates for insertion of a camera down the drainage pipes at the parsonage have been requested, but the pipes might be cleared without first inserting a camera. Another estimate on new gutters and downspouts is needed.
  • Steve Noftz will be invited to participate in the church security assessment.


New Combined E-mail Address for the Leadership Board:

A new e-mail address for the Board will be created.


Leadership Board Membership/Classes:

Brenda will serve on the Pastor Parish team, and Jenny will serve on Finance.


Cindy has completed her term on the Board and was thanked for her faithful service.  She closed the meeting with prayer.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, Jan.26 at 6:30 pm.  Subsequent meetings will be every-other month (odd months).