Throwback Thursday: Unearthed


It takes as much effort to unearth as it does to build up a strong foundation.

When you teach your children to build with blocks or legos when they are younger, you emphasize the need for a strong foundation.  They quickly learn that if this isn’t part of their original plan, they end up frustrated when things fall apart.

When the shaft was first being dug for the elevator that will soon carry passengers or supplies back and forth from the lower level to the third floor of this church, much effort had to be put into emptying the earth below for the depth of the shaft.  Parts of the original foundation became visible, as well as the layers of sediment below that. elevator-shaft-bricks It was easy to imagine the prayers and effort that were contributed to construct a viable worship space.

Above is a brick that was found and salvaged from the piles of rubble.  It’s a reminder of those prayers and visions of the ones who went before us, and the values we long to keep for many years to come.