September Leadership Board Proceedings

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, Sept.22, 2016


In attendance: Dave Bayless, Vicki Butcher, Kathy Gilmore, Jennie Klein, Tom Marx, Kim Mather, Robert McDowell, Brenda Noftz, Brandon Saunders, Steve Sloan, Mike Sweeney


Called to Order:  6:35 pm


Steve opened with prayer, and we shared Thin Place Moments.


Review and Approval of Minutes:

The Aug.25 minutes were approved by consensus.


Finance Update:

  • The August 2016 Treasurer’s Report shows that our income and expenses in total are tracking according to plan.
  • Approximately 67% of pledged Capital Campaign giving has been received to date.
  • There will be a mid-October mailing of the Quarterly Statement & General Budget/Capital Campaign Progress Report.
  • A plaque will be placed on the elevator to acknowledge the generosity of the family that provided the funding for it. The family that provided the generous gift for the atrium wishes to remain anonymous.


2017 General Budget Planning Update:

  • New expenses are anticipated for heating, cooling and insurance related to the Sanctuary air conditioning and new atrium. Staff and ministry leaders have been asked to be frugal in their budget planning.  The Board should receive the proposed budget for review at the December meeting.
  • The theme of this year’s stewardship campaign is “Generosity: Just Add a Little Love.” General Budget stewardship cards will be mailed on Sept.26.


Pastor’s Report:

  • Small group leaders and participants will be invited to gather in fellowship on Oct.9 to share their experiences.
  • The first four-week session of the six planned Core Courses is underway and has been well-attended by members of all of the participating churches.
  • First UMC’s Fall Charge Conference (formerly announced as a Church Conference but changed at Rev. Miller’s request) will be on Sunday, Oct.16. Rev. Dennis Miller will preach at both services and lead the conference at 10:00am (between services).  Deb Murray will present the Pastor’s Report.  Reading of the names of inactive members will not take place this year but will resume next year.
  • The 10:30 Worship Services are being held temporarily in Fellowship Hall to accommodate Sanctuary renovations, and the congregation has embraced the move with patience and enthusiasm.
  • The Bishop’s Event will be held on Oct.19, 5:30pm at Hocking Hills UMC. All Board members are invited to attend.
  • A representative from First UMC is still needed to serve on the United Campus Ministries Board.
  • A Fall New Member Orientation is scheduled for Nov.15 at 6:00pm.

Building Implementation Team:

  • Brandon reported that total capital campaign giving is $704,000, which provides a $27,000 contingency, some of which will be set aside for interest on borrowed funds. Approximately 90% of the budget is in contract.
  • All capital campaign communications should go through Cathy Bigger.

Trustees Report:

The parsonage foundation project information compiled by Dwyer is being sent to two other firms for bids.

Pastor Parish Relations Report:

Deb, Dave and Steve will conduct the annual parsonage inspection and prepare the report.

Leadership Board Membership/Classes:

Brenda will serve on the Staff Parish team instead of the Finance team.

New Business:

Hospitality will be the main focus for First UMC in 2017.

The meeting closed with prayer.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, Oct.27 at 6:30 pm.