June Leadership Board Proceedings

First UMC Leadership Board – Proceedings

Thursday, June 23, 2016

In attendance: Cindy Boger, Vicki Butcher, Kathy Gilmore, Joyce Lambert, Tom Marx, Kim Mather, Robert McDowell, Deb Murray, Brandon Saunders, Mike Sweeney.

Called to Order:  6:10 pm


Pastor Robert welcomed Tom Marx as a member of the Board.  We shared several “Thin Place Moments,” and Mike opened the meeting with prayer.

Review and Approval of Minutes:

The May 19 minutes were approved by consensus.

Finance Update:

The May Treasurer’s Report shows Operating Income at 45% (the goal for this time of year is 42%).

Pastor’s Report:

  • Most of the small groups are not meeting during the summer or are meeting only occasionally. They will start up again in the Fall.
  • Pastor Robert and the pastors of Central Ave. UMC, Richland UMC, and The Plains UMC are finalizing plans for the six core courses to begin in the Fall. The courses will be held at First UMC and Central UMC to be easily accessible to college students.
  • First UMC’s Fall Church Conference will be on Sunday, Oct.16. Rev. Dennis Miller will preach at both services and lead the conference between services.
  • Annual staff reviews are in progress.
  • A representative from First UMC is still needed to serve on the United Campus Ministries Board.

Building Implementation Team:

Brandon reported that the asbestos abatement required for the elevator installation will begin after the July wedding, and some of the less disruptive work in the atrium area will be completed before the September wedding.  Brandon still anticipates that the sanctuary can be ready by Christmas.  Capital Campaign giving has exceeded expectations and provides a spending cushion of about $47,000.

Trustees Report:

Some of the boring at the parsonage could not be completed due to overhead power lines and sharply sloped terrain.  The boring company will not be paid until Dwyer confirms that they have the information they need for the foundation work.

Leadership Board Vacancies:

Two First UMC members have indicated interest in being considered for Board membership but have not yet submitted their applications.  A young adult member is still needed.

New Business:

  • Based on a recommendation from the music staff, after the September wedding the 10:30 worship services will be held in Fellowship Hall during sanctuary work.
  • A request was made to move Board meetings to the 4th Thursday of each month, and there was consensus agreement.

Pastor Robert closed the meeting in prayer, and members and their guests enjoyed the meal provided by Pastor Robert and Penny.

There will be no July meeting.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, August 25 at 6:30 pm.