Cheesus & Guacamole Dip

Guacamole!During yesterday’s sermon, I encouraged the congregation to be open to the signs of God’s presence throughout our day to daily living. Celtic Christianity refers to these holy God sighting moments as “Thin Places” because in the Jewish/Christian biblical worldview, there is a razor thin separation between heaven and earth and often, these two spheres of existence intermingle and overlap.

The main point that I was making in the sermon was that these “Thin Place” moments are happening all of the time. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don’t. Throughout my faith journey, I have learned how important it is for me to be spiritually alert for these moments.

“Throughout all of these “ho-hum” daily activities, heaven and earth are bumping into each other all of the time and God is trying to get our attention.”

Let’s face it. Life can feel really boring and mundane sometimes. We take out the trash. We pick up the children at the baby sitter. We brush our teeth. And yes, we even go through the ordinary routine of going to church on Sunday morning. Throughout all of these “ho-hum” daily activities, heaven and earth are bumping into each other all of the time and God is trying to get our attention.

Some of these “Thin Place” moments are dramatic and others, not so much. In fact, it seems to me that most of these holy moments are not overly dramatic, but they are all equally significant because we have become aware of how God is at work in our lives.

If the first task is for us to become more alert to these “Thin Places” then the second task is for us to share these holy moments with others. Sharing our faith is as simple as that. It’s sharing with others how we have encountered the presence of Christ in our day to day living.

During the sermon, I also mentioned that some people can take this a little too far like seeing the face of Christ in the swirl of their guacamole dip. Another example I gave was the woman in Missouri who believed that one of the Cheetos she was eating looked like Christ and was a sign from God. She even gave it the name, “Cheesus.”

Who am I to judge? I would rather have us see Jesus in our guacamole dip than not see him at all or very rarely.

As we go through our day to day living, let’s be open to these “Thin Place” moments.

And remember, Cheesus loves you!

Nikos! is Pastor Robert's Blog Series. "Nikos" means "victory" in Biblical Greek.

Nikos! is Pastor Robert’s Blog Series. “Nikos” means “victory” in Biblical Greek.